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Flyline Solar Standalone Inverter

Murickens Group has developed a fully automatic sine wave solar stand alone power generating system for the smooth working of our domestic and commercial, electric and electronic equipments of lower and higher capacity and we can even operate sophisticated equipments which need a continuous and constant output.
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Flyline Solar On-Grid Inverter

Good news to the people of Kerala. Murickens group introduces Solar based renewal energy is stepping into a new level with the household solar plants benefiting from making free electricity at home or commercial place. In the new scheme the individual household solar plants will give the KSEB board the excess electricity...
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Flyline Solar Battery Less Inverter

Murickens, always adopt new technologies for the need of tomorrow. We introduced have battery-less renewal energy PCU,this advanced system does not require batteries for converting solar power into utility power of 220V AC. It absorbs solar power directly from solar panels and if the load driven by this system exceeds..
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Flyline Hybrid Inverter

Muricken's Group is reknowned as one of the well reputed Flyline Solar UPS system in Kerala. It is fully automatic solar power conditioner capable of working both grid power as well as solar power. We have a 15 years experience in production and installation of solar inverter in Kerala.
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Flyline Offline UPS

Off-line UPS are usually considered less sophisticated than other UPS products. During normal operation the power will flow straight through the unit, and if the input voltage fails or fluctuates outside pre-set tolerances the UPS will then feed battery power through an inverter.
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Flyline Online UPS

Our vast experience in Power Electronics field has resulted in development features of rich products. Product design team at MG industry is equipped with the hardware knowledge, Component & Interface Knowledge, necessary tools for designing of product.
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MG Solar Water Heater

Muricken's Group providing a complete solution for getting natural hot water with the help of sunlight by introducing "MG Solar Water Heater". There are two type of Solar Water Heater is available in Kerala which are:- "Flat Plate Collector" (FPC) and "Evacuated Tube Collectors" (ETC). Flat Plate Collector by using copper tubes which is long lasting and this is a common type solar water heater and it is the most suitable type for Kerala's climatic condition and get 80°C hot water with the help of normal sunlight.
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Flyline Solar LED Street Light

Muricken's "Flyline Solar DC Power System” By using solar energy DC 12/24V we can light the street lights, garden light, houseboats, shops, advertising posters, houses etc. The only limitations are your imagination. The main advantage of the Solar DC Power System is that it is absolutely free from AC and electricity bill. It is also useful in places where there is no power - deserts, and ocean and imagine of places anywhere on earth where sun light is available.
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Flyline Modular digital Over & Under Voltage Protector (FDP)

Flyline Modular digital Over & Under Voltage Protector (FDP) is saft guarding all costly home appliances,cctv,security alarm systems,laboratory equipments,computer etcc from lightening and voltage variations due to natural calamities .FDP is an advanced device with latest German Thecnology.Voltage variation in power supply will cause damage to our home appliances.
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Flyline Solar Panel

A photovoltaic module or photovoltaic panel is a combination of packed interconnected assembly of photovoltaic cells, also known as solar cells. With the help of Solar energy, a single photovoltaic module can produce a certain amount of wattage. Installations intended to produce larger electrical power capacity require an installation of several modules or panels and this is known as a photovoltaic array. The Photovoltaic electric cell uses the photovoltaic effect to generate electrical energy or the potential difference that producing between materials, when the surface of the cell is exposed to sun light solar radiation. In kerala climate 1000 W Solar solar panels can create between 4 Kwh to 4.5 Kwh electricity per day.
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Flyline Tubular Battery

For invertors two types of batteries are commonly used. One type is lead acid battery and the other is concealed battery. Both are tubular type but lead acid batteries are more suitable long life applications. Murickens has developed two types of lead acid batteries.Heat sealed tubular batteries and Heat sealed INVA tubular batteries both in C 20 series. Heat sealed INVA tubular batteries are made with extra cabin capacity for the carriage of more acid that acts as a coolant and it gives more back up time than heat sealed tubular standard battery. For solar inverter applications we prefer lead acid INVA tubular heat sealed batteries in C 10 series.They are more efficient to complete the charging discharging cycle common in solar systems.For More Details:Click Here

Flyline Solar Charging Controller

Flyline renewable energy charging control is a devise to control and utilize DC solar power. The main function of a charge controller or regulator is to protect your battery from overcharge and block a reverse current. Charging Controllers helps to get full panel output power. It regulates the voltage and current coming from the solar panels going to the battery. If a non-self-regulating solar array is connected to lead acid batteries with no overcharge protection the batteries life would be compromised.Simple controllers contain a transistor that shunt the PV charging circuit,terminating the charge at a pre-set high voltage and, once a pre-set reconnect is reached, opens the shunt, allowing charging to resume.
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MG Moble Mortuary

Muricken's group is the best manufactures and Kerala dealer of mobile mortuary. MG dead body deep freezer is the only solution to keep dead bodies in home for long time. Its top opening is made by single carved acrylic glass with 10mm thickness.So we can see the entire body from different angle and reduce the weight of mortuary, MG dead body preserve freezer made up of fully stainless steel with imported long life power saver compressor. It helps to keep the dead body as natural.
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MG Mortuary Chamber

New revolutionary adventure for dead body preserving unit used for hospitals and nursing homes with low investment and power saving model. Normally all multi body mortuaries are all ways in on position even though it have single or two or there but by using this stem we can control and on-of the independent unit separately and save the electricity bill. Another issue is if the system face any complaint the entire unit is shutdown every one knows its headache.
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MG Deep Freezer

The first power saver body condensing deep freezer of MG deep freezers is the unbeatably hot marketed deep freezer throughout Kerala. It has low power consumption, less maintenance cost, fast cooling performance. Another remarkable advantage is- freezer for sharja shakes business. There is no other freezer that can be competitive with MG freezer because of its low power consumption, quality and long life performance, which has proved in Kerala market from 1992
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MG Servo Voltage Stabilizer

It is a stabilizer which constantly monitors the output voltage through controlling the variations in the input voltage by moving of a motor. This motor in turn selects the proper output voltage on the variable transformer. It gives reasonably good voltage regulation and is all right where voltage fluctuations are not considerable. This is probably the cheapest power-conditioning product available. It is essential to save our sophisticated electrical/electronic equipments. Wide range (120-270V) for single phase working range from 90V and the second mode equipments ... For More Details:Click Here

Flyline Solar Advt Board Light

Advertising is inevitable for marketing, any type of product in this World. There are many ways to advertise such as neon boards, haordings, flex boards etc. These type of advertising needs electricity or generator. Manpower is also needed to switch on and off. Solar energy based advertisement using led lights by using battery which is charging by solar energy from the solar panel, which is automatically switch on and off is developed by Murickens Group. Manpower is not needed for this system and this board is giving better performance than neon based boards.For More Details:Click Here

Flyline Step-Up Transformer

This Transformer is used to boost line low voltage to a normal working voltage of 240 volt. Commonly used for commercial and residential purpose. The price is even affordable by the common people. These are two types - standard 160V to 240V and wide range of 120V to 240V. It is a fully automatic system.Two types:- Standard model and Wide range, Standard model works from 160 voltage and wide range from 120V ,Protectsyour electronic/electrical equipments,Helps your A/C and other equipments to work even when power supply is low in Voltage.AutoResetting facility at Normal Voltage. For More Details:Click Here


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